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Why is there a need for an Evidence Based Collaboration in Africa?

Irrespectively of where you live, the need for solid evidence to achieve effective health care is of utmost importance. Where the unmet needs for health services are most prominent, the application of the cost effective interventions should be of the highest priority.

Working in an evidence based way in the African context means setting the right priorities, conducting valid research, retrieving evidence and developing systematic reviews of evidence relevant for countries in Africa. There is also need to bring evidence from research to practice by developing, adapting and disseminating guidelines to support healthcare for all.

The information, communication and technological revolution now makes it possible to widely apply the methods and advances of Evidence Based Healthcare (EBHC) in Africa. Therefore we aim to link and add upon existing initiatives for EBHC in Africa to facilitate sustainability.

The Collaboration for Evidence Based Healthcare in Africa (CEBHA) will focus on African health problems, research priorities and needs.

The specific objectives are:

  1. Collaboration for sustainability
  2. Capacity building and training
  3. Research, monitoring and evaluation to optimize the uptake of EBHC in practice.
  4. Curriculum development and integration.
  5. Evidence development:
    a.) Systematic reviews.
    b.) Clinical guideline development and adaptation of guidelines to African settings
    c.) Policy briefs
  6. Access to evidence based resources.
  7. Dissemination and implementation of evidence.
  8. Communication, advocacy and networking.

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