Evaluation from the CEBHA 3 Day Introductory Workshop on Evidence Based Healthcare in Kigali, Rwanda, 13-15 December 2012

This workshop was arranged by the Collaboration for Evidence Based Healthcare in Africa (CEBHA) as part of the Annual CEBHA week in December 2012. The workshop was hosted by the National University of Rwanda at the School of Public Health, National University of Rwanda, Kigali. The total number of participants were 30. Participants were doctors, nurses, policy makers and researchers. The objective of the workshop was to give a brief introduction to the main topics of Evidence Based Healthcare, about how to phrase searchable questions, appraisal of different study designs, systematic reviews, searching for evidence and implementation of evidence. The facilitators were Dr Frode Forland and Dr Fergus Macbeth from the Royal Tropical Institute and Joseph Lune from Kigali Health Institute. The final evaluation form was completed by 26 attendees.

Key issues from the evaluation
The evaluation was mostly very positive, with 97% of the participants agreeing that the training met their expectations. All of the participants found the training useful for their own practice.  Some suggestions for improvements were mentioned: Some participants thought that the course was too short and that there was not enough time for the training on searching and finding evidence. Others would have liked more time for group sessions and exercises. Another comment was that it would be good to repeat the training with a refresher course and to follow up participants after the course with supervision on EBM related issues. It was also proposed to establish journal clubs and to give this training to as many healthcare providers as possible, ideally by making the training part of undergraduate medical education as well as of the Continuous Professional Education scheme.
Quotes from  some of the participants
Yvonne Umurungi, MD, MSc Child Health, background in Maternal and Child health, HIV Management and Project management: “I liked the mixing of the theoretical sessions and exercises and practical sessions. I enjoyed mostly assessing the articles using checklists to be able to judge on quality. This will help me in my work as someone who is supporting policymakers and guideline developers.”
David Tumusiime, Director of Research at Kigali Health Institute, presently working on an RCT investigating physiotherapeutic exercises in the management of peripheral neuropathy among HIV patients: “I enjoyed the course content especially about how to do a systematic review. This is important knowledge for me in my work as a researcher and lecturer at the Kigali Health Institute. I would propose an evaluation of the implementation of what has been taught on an annual basis.”
Judy OrikurizaDr Judy Orikuriza, Pediatrician and Head of Research, Rwanda Military Hospital: “The course has helped me appreciate how I can improve my teaching and tailor my journal clubs to better involve the students. It has also inspired me to advocate for translation of research into policy and practice. There will be a need for refresher workshops on EBM.”
Theogene TwafiwmugateDr Theogene Twafiwmugate, Senior lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine National University of Rwanda, Head of Department for Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine: “I liked the friendly teaching approach with concrete examples which put the learners at ease and made them keen to ask questions and search for more knowledge. We need enough trainers in Rwanda to convey the message of EBM to the rest of the medical community. Indeed in the 21st century, patient care, medical and nursing teaching should more than ever be evidence based.”